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We Get It - Getting Hardwood Flooring Clients Isn’t Always Easy

Running a hardwood flooring company isn’t just about knowing how to put down a brand new wide plank floor with the highest level of skill and craftsmanship. It involves knowing how to win the bid for a big project because even though your reputation and history SHOULD carry weight, it just doesn’t anymore. It’s deciding if undercutting your price is worth it, to beat out the inferior competition’s pricing, whether it’s a guy that’s been on his own for 3 months working out of his basement, or another company that just doesn’t do it as well as you because they use lesser quality products or have looser hiring guidelines.

It means making sure you have a predictable cash flow so you can keep your team paid and your supplies stocked, so you can give your clients the best floors, from the best staff.

You have to know how to not only get new customers, but how to retain and upsell your existing ones, and get them to spread the word about your quality work. Happy clients are your best sales people. 

More Hot Leads specializes in helping established and well-run hardwood flooring companies scale by sending them a predictable and steady flow of qualified leads on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

We generated over $500,000 worth of business for one of our hardwood flooring clients from online marketing and we can do the same for you.

The Solution? 

Online Marketing For Hardwood Flooring Companies

Google Ads

We can use Google's paid ads platform to get your company in front of people searching for your hardwood products or services immediately! With Google's display banner ads, we can also show off your amazing flooring work to people in your targeted audience.

Targeted Ads

Want to attract the attention of local homeowners, designers and contractors to show them your awesome craftsmanship? We can leverage targeted ads to get your message in front of your ideal clients.

Local SEO

More powerful than Google Ads and perhaps the ultimate online lead generation tactic, is ranking your website at the top of Google's organic search results. This is because most people click on these (whether in the maps or below) and you do not have to pay Google to be there!

Web Design & Conversion Optimization

If your website is old or poorly designed, it won't convert. If your website doesn't convert, your marketing $$'s are being wasted. That is why we have developed hardwood flooring websites that are proven to convert clicks into leads.

Funnels & Email Marketing

Sometimes your customers aren't ready to buy from you, and they need to be warmed up and led through your sales funnel. We will create valuable pieces of content and well crafted emails to help take them from interested to committed and loyal customers.

Review Management

Today more people trust online reviews than they do personal recommendations. That is why it is vital for a business to consistently attract positive reviews from your happy customers. Luckily we have a great tool that makes it easy for you to do just that. (see below).

Rather Do It Yourself?

Are you more of a DIYer? Get access to our guide to learn how to increase your hardwood flooring business' online visibility.

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With our help, these flooring companies have grown to become some of the top providers of hardwood flooring in their markets.

hardwood floors vancouver rankings

BC Hardwood increased their organic leads by 10X!

bc hardwood lead magnet

This FB ad campaign led to more than 50 leads from local contractors and designers last year.

#1 maps ranking for a competitive flooring term.

We have a body of work that speaks for itself, having used multiple strategies and tactics to drive new revenue to our existing flooring clients. Check out this case study from our client BC Hardwood in Vancouver

What Our Customers Are Saying

What do our flooring clients think of us?

More Hot Leads have helped our business grow significantly and enter the 21st century by ringing our great offline reputation to the online world. If it wasn't for the consistent leads we get from our website, we would not be the company that we are today.

Mike Crompton

BC Hardwood

I have worked with other online marketing and web design providers before but none of them have even come close to More Hot Leads. They provide great service, quality work and deliver what they say they will. Thanks guys!

AJ Zeid

Specialty Interiors

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We Don't Just Know Marketing...We Know Hardwood Flooring.

Do you know what your dream client’s problems are? They need to relate to you before they trust you and know that you what their fears and problems are, just like you need to know that we understand you and your fears or problems before you even consider us as a partner. Some of the things your clients want to know are:

  1. Are they going to get ripped off?
  2. Can they trust that you won’t go over budget or past your project end date, or that you won’t tack on extra charges at the end?
  3. Are the products you install of the highest quality, and what is the best way to convey that to them?
  4. Will the floors last?
  5. Will their hardwood floors withstand a busy family (kids, pets & all)?
  6. The list goes on…


That's OK. We get it, sometimes you just have to test the waters. That is why we have some great entry level products so you can see what it's like to work with us before we get married...

Review Management Tool

Reviews are just as trusted as personal recommendations. If your business isn't generating 5 star reviews regularly, you are missing out. Luckily, we have a solution for that!

Website Speed Optimization

Did you know that 90% of visitors will leave your site if it loads too slow? That means instead of choosing YOU for their hardwood flooring needs, they are going with your competition. That's not right...we can fix that!

Website Health Check

Want to see how healthy your website and online marketing is? We will do a deep audit of your website's SEO and marketing health and provide you with a game-plan on how to make it healthier.


By advertising to only those who have previously visited your website or interacted with your brand online, you can increase your overall conversion rates and drive even more leads to your hardwood flooring business.

Local Maps Optimization

If you want your business to show up in Google's coveted 3 pack in maps, then it is important that you build a solid local GMB SEO foundation. 


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